Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Truro & St. Blazey 1938 - 1962

St. Blazey shed in 1954.  Photo: Ben Brooksbank Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0.
Pre Grouping Ownership - Great Western Railwayopened:1900prior to 1950TR
type:A 3TS dead ended shed.closed to steam:Mar-621950 - Mar 6283F
location:On the north side of the line, west of the station.FeatureGoogle Map
Sunday 30 June 1946TRtotal:20
17xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T43xx 2-6-0Hall 4-6-0
1753TR4523TR4588TR5318LA4906TR Bradfield Hall
1782TR4552SBZ5537TR6373TR4929TR Goytrey Hall
1794TR4554TR5562TR4936TR Kinlet Hall
51xx 2-6-2T4561TRGrange 4-6-05998LA Trevor Hall
5158SBZ4569TR6801PZ Aylburton Grange6911PZ Holker Hall
shed codesLA Plymouth LairaPZ PenzanceSBZ St. BlazeyTR Truro
Allocation January 1948 (22)17xx 0-6-0PTGWR257xx 0-6-0PTGWR1
74xx 0-6-0PTGWR145xx 2-6-2TGWR1243xx 2-6-0GWR1
County 4-6-0GWR1Hall 4-6-0GWR4
Sunday 6 July 195283Ftotal:20
94xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2TGrange 4-6-0Hall 4-6-0
840483F455483F686983G Resolven Grange493683F Kinlet Hall
841283F458883F43xx 2-6-057xx 0-6-0PT494783G Nanhoran Hall
842183F458983F631883G967383E593981A Tangley Hall
842583D550083F51xx 2-6-2T74xx 0-6-0PT693183F Aldborough Hall
shed codes81A Old Oak Common83D Plymouth Laira83E St. Blazey83F Truro83G Penzance
Sunday 16 August 195383Ftotal:19
94xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T43xx 2-6-0Hall 4-6-0
840483F455483F553783F630583E598583F Mostyn Hall
842183F458883F556283F74xx 0-6-0PTGrange 4-6-0
848583F550083F51xx 2-6-2T742283F682583G Llanvair Grange
848683F551583F517583D687383D Caradoc Grange
943483F552683FCounty 4-6-0
102383F County of Oxford
shed codes83D Plymouth Laira83E St. Blazey83F Truro83G Penzance
Saturday 2 October 195483Ftotal:22
94xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T74xx 0-6-0PTGrange 4-6-0
841283F455483F552683F742283F680083G Arlington Grange
842183F456183F553783F680183G Aylburton Grange
848583F458883F556283F681683D Frankton Grange
848683F493683FHall 4-6-0682483G Ashley Grange
943483F550083F597283F Olton HallCounty 4-6-0
551583F691283D Helmster Hall102383F County of Oxford
shed codes83D Plymouth Laira83F Truro83G Penzance
Saturday 13 October 195683F8.35pm - 8.45pmtotal:18
94xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2TCounty 4-6-0Grange 4-6-0
841283F450883F100783F County of Brecknock680883G Beenham Grange
848583F458783FManor 4-6-0682683G Nannerth Grange
848683F458883F782383F Hook Norton ManorHall 4-6-0
943483F550583F57xx 0-6-0PT74xx 0-6-0PT490683F Bradfield Hall
553783F370283F742283F693183F Aldborough Hall
shed codes83F Truro83G Penzance
Sunday 18 August 195783F9.00pm - 9.10pmtotal:18
94xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T43xx 2-6-0County 4-6-0
841283F450883F552683F630083F100783F County of Brecknock
842183F457483F553783F632883DCastle 4-6-0
847383G458883F556283F57xx 0-6-0PT408883D Dartmouth Castle
848683F551583F370283FGrange 4-6-0
943483F687183F Bourton Grange
shed codes83D Plymouth Laira83F Truro83G Penzance
Sunday 15 June 195883Ftotal:21
94xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2TCounty 4-6-0Hall 4-6-0
841283F450883F100783F County of Brecknock494483D Middleton Hall
842183F456183FManor 4-6-0495083G Patshull Hall
848583F457483F782383F Hook Norton Manor693183F Aldborough Hall
848683F458883F57xx 0-6-0PT43xx 2-6-0Modified Hall 4-6-0
943483F550083F370283F537683F790983D Haveningham Hall
552683F64xx 0-6-0PT
shed codes83D Plymouth Laira83F Truro83G Penzance
Wednesday 25 March 195983Ftotal:14
94xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2TCounty 4-6-0Hall 4-6-0
842183F455983E100783F County of Brecknock497583A Umberslade hall
848683F458783FManor 4-6-0691183F Holker Hall
943483F550083F782383F Hook Norton ManorGrange 4-6-0
555283F57xx 0-6-0PT43xx 2-6-0682583G Llanvair Grange
shed codes83E St. Blazey83F Truro83G Penzance
Allocation May 1959 (27)57xx 0-6-0PTGWR194xx 0-6-0PTGWR4
45xx 2-6-2TGWR1043xx 2-6-0GWR2Hall 4-6-0GWR1
Grange 4-6-0GWR6County 4-6-0GWR2Manor 4-6-0GWR1
Sunday 22 October 196183Ftotal:14
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2TGrange 4-6-00-6-0 diesel
370983F840883F SB458883F680083G Arlington GrangeD3510
467383F550983F W686883G Penrhos Grange
574483F553783FHall 4-6-0
771583E556283F692183D Borwick Hall
974883GSB - stationary boilerW - withdrawn
shed codes83D Plymouth Laira83E St. Blazey83F Truro83G Penzance
Truro shed closed to steam in March, 1962
St. Blazey
Pre Grouping Ownership - Great Western Railwayopened:1874prior to 1950SBZ
type:A 9 track semi-roundhouse and 3TS shed.closed to steam:Apr-621950 - April 6283E
location:On the west side of the line, south of the station.FeatureGoogle Map
Friday 22 April 1938SBZtotal:18
17xx 0-6-0PT2021 0-6-0PT57xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T
176127xx 0-6-0PT971645124559SBZ
1792SBZ2768SBZ3150 0-6-2T4516SBZ
Sunday 3 November 1945SBZtotal:26
17xx 0-6-0PT2021 0-6-0PT1901 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2THall 4-6-0
1792SBZ2050SBZ1930SBZ4505SBZ4927BRD Farnborough Hall
1797SBZ27xx 0-6-0PT42xx 2-8-0T4559SBZ4940SBZ Ludford Hall
1900SBZ2768SBZ4215SBZ4570SBZ5926SBZ Grotrian Hall
57xx 0-6-0PT2181 0-6-0PT4298SBZ4598SBZGrange 4-6-0
7715SBZ2181SBZ51xx 2-6-2T5525EXE6858TYS Woolston Grange
8783SBZ2182SBZ5140SBZ5531SBZ43xx 2-6-035xx 2-4-0T
shed codesBRD Bristol Bath RoadNA Newton AbbotSBZ St. BlazeyTYS Tyesley
Saturday 29 June 1946SBZtotal:24
17xx 0-6-0PT2021 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2THall 4-6-0
1797SBZ2050SBZ4503SBZ4598SBZ5926SBZ Grotrian Hall
2181 0-6-0PT43xx 2-6-04505SBZ5500TRBulldog 4-4-0
2181SBZ5318LA4529SBZ5502SBZ3391LA Dominion of Canada
2182SBZ5348HFD4570SBZ5519SBZ28xx 2-8-042xx 2-8-0T
27xx 0-6-0PT6330SBZ57xx 0-6-0PT72xx 2-8-2T28274298SBZ
2780SBZshed codesHFD HerefordLA Plymouth LairaSBZ St. BlazeyTR Truro
Allocation January 1948 (28)1901 0-6-0PTGWR22021 0-6-0PTGWR3
27xx 0-6-0PTGWR164xx 0-6-0PTGWR157xx 0-6-0PTGWR4
45xx 2-6-2TGWR951xx 2-6-2TGWR242xx 2-8-0TGWR2
43xx 2-6-0GWR2Hall 4-6-0GWR2
Sunday 22 April 195183Etotal:24
57xx 0-6-0PT2021 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2TManor 4-6-0
363583E205083E450583E456583E780683E Cockington Manor
370583E74xx 0-6-0PT452683E459883E43xx 2-6-042xx 2-8-0T
771583E2181 0-6-0PT455283E551983E72xx 2-8-2T
965583E218183E16xx 0-6-0PT14xx 0-4-2T720983E
shed codes83E St. Blazey
Sunday 6 July 195283Etotal:23
57xx 0-6-0PT2021 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2THall 4-6-0
363583E209783E450883E456583E592683E Grotian Hall
370583E2181 0-6-0PT451683E457083E694983D Haberfield Hall
770983E218283E452683E550283E72xx 2-8-2T42xx 2-8-0T
771583E74xx 0-6-0PT455283E551983E720983E429883E
965583E744683E16xx 0-6-0PT64xx 0-6-0PT
shed codes83D Plymouth Laira83E St. Blazey
Wednesday 19 August 195383Etotal:20
57xx 0-6-0PT2181 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T51xx 2-6-2THall 4-6-0
370583E218283E450883E416783E592683E Grotian Hall
770983E16xx 0-6-0PT455283E519383E42xx 2-8-0T
771583E162683E456583E14xx 0-4-2T424783E
shed codes82C Swindon83D Plymouth Laira83E St. Blazey83F Truro
Saturday 16 July 195583Etotal:15
57xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T43xx 2-6-042xx 2-8-0TModified Hall 4-6-0
771183E455983E630083E420683E790583D Fowey Hall
873383E458583E630583E424783E16xx 0-6-0PT51xx 2-6-2T
2181 0-6-0PT551983E639783E166483E519383E
shed codes83D Plymouth Laira83E St. Blazey
Sunday 14 October 195683E10.40am - 10.55amtotal:29
57xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T42xx 2-8-0THall 4-6-0
363583E967383E452683E420683E592683E Grotian Hall
370583E975583E455283E424783EManor 4-6-0
465383D16xx 0-6-0PT455983E R43xx 2-6-0781683E Frilsham Manor
770983E162483E458483E630583ECastle 4-6-0
771583E162683E458583E51xx 2-6-2T504882A Earl of Devon R
870283E166483E14xx 0-4-2T416783EGrange 4-6-0
873383E74xx 0-6-0PT141983E519383E682583G Llanvair Grange R
965583E744683ER - repair shop
shed codes82A Bristol Bath Road83D Plymouth Laira83E St. Blazey83G Penzance
Sunday 18 August 195783Etotal:25
57xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T42xx 2-8-0THall 4-6-0
370583E967383E452683E420683E691183E Holker Hall
467983D975583E456183F424783EModified Hall 4-6-0
770983E16xx 0-6-0PT458483E43xx 2-6-0791584B Mere Hall
771583E162483E51xx 2-6-2T630583EGrange 4-6-0
776283D162683E519383D639783E680983G Burghclere Grange
873383E166483E74xx 0-6-0PT14xx 0-4-2T
shed codes83D Plymouth Laira83E St. Blazey83G Penzance84B Oxley
Wednesday 18 June 195883Etotal:18
57xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T51xx 2-6-2T42xx 2-8-0TManor 4-6-0
363583E458483E416783E420683E781683E Frilsham Manor
770983E458583E519383E424886A43xx 2-6-0
870283E555783E16xx 0-6-0PT429483E537683F
873383E74xx 0-6-0PT162483E
shed codes83E St. Blazey83F Truro86A Newport Ebbw Jct.
Allocation May 1959 (37)94xx 0-6-0PTGWR174xx 0-6-0PTGWR1
57xx 0-6-0PTGWR1016xx 0-6-0PTGWR314xx 0-4-2TGWR1
51xx 2-6-2TGWR245xx 2-6-2TGWR1242xx 2-8-0TGWR2
43xx 2-6-0GWR1Hall 4-6-0GWR2Grange 4-6-0GWR1
Manor 4-6-0GWR1
Tuesday 25 August 195983Etotal:19
57xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T42xx 2-8-0THall 4-6-0
370583E967383E454783E420683E490683E Bradfield Hall
770983E975583E455283E14xx 0-4-2TGrange 4-6-0
870283E16xx 0-6-0PT456583E141983E682483G Ashley Grange
873383E162483E51xx 2-6-2T94xx 0-6-0PT687983E Overton Grange
965583E162783E519383E848583E WW - withdrawn
shed codes83E St. Blazey83G Penzance
Friday 18 August 196183Etotal:26
57xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T42xx 2-8-0THall 4-6-0
379083E873783E455283E427383E492083A Dumbleton Hall
466583E975583E456583E64xx 0-6-0PTGrange 4-6-0
771583E16xx 0-6-0PT457483F641383D682583E Nannerth Grange
870283E162483E554183D74xx 0-6-0PT687583E Hindford Grange
871983E162683E554583G744683ET2 NBL diesel0-6-0 diesels
shed codes83A Newton Abbot83D Plymouth Laira83E St. Blazey83F Truro83G Penzance
Sunday 15 April 196283Etotal:22
57xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2TWarship T4 dieselT2 NBL diesels0-6-0 diesels
379083E965583E553983E WD6314D6321D3516
466583E971683E16xx 0-6-0PTD6316D6323
871983E162483E WW - withdrawnD6317D6339
St. Blazey shed closed to steam in April 1962.
Pre Grouping Ownership - Great Western Railwayopened:1887St. Blazey subshed
type:A stone built 1TS dead ended shed.closed:Apr-62Feature
location:On the west side of the line, south of the station.Google Map
Wednesday 18 July 1945Monday 1 October 1945Saturday 29 June 1956
SBZ subshedtotal:1SBZ subshedtotal:183E subshedtotal:1
45xx 2-6-2T45xx 2-6-2T45xx 2-6-2T
Wednesday 3 July 1957Thursday 19 June 1958Wednesday 18 February 1959
83E subshedtotal:283E subshedtotal:183E subshedtotal:1
45xx 2-6-2T45xx 2-6-2T45xx 2-6-2T
Sunday 15 May 1960Saturday 25 June 1960Sunday 6 August 1961
83E subshedtotal:283E subshedtotal:283E subshedtotal:1
45xx 2-6-2T45xx 2-6-2T45xx 2-6-2T
Pre Grouping Ownership - Great Western Railwayopened:1862St. Blazey subshed
Built by the Liskeard & Looe Railway and absorbed by the GWR.closed:Sep-61Google Map
type:A stone built 2TS dead ended shed.location:North of Coombe Junction Halt.Feature
Friday 4 July 1952Saturday 17 Sep 1955Tuesday 2 July 1957
83E subshedtotal:183E subshedtotal:283E subshedtotal:2
45xx 2-6-2T45xx 2-6-2T45xx 2-6-2T
Sunday 18 October 1959Wednesday 20 July 1960Sunday 20 August 1961
83E subshedtotal:183E subshedtotal:183E subshedtotal:1
45xx 2-6-2T45xx 2-6-2T45xx 2-6-2T