Bank Hall Locomotive Depot in 1948: two ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire engines outside the smaller through Shed: ex-L&Y 1F 0-6-0T No. 11535, fitted with dumb buffers and swinging spark-arrestor for working in the Docks; behind it is Class 30 6F 0-8-0 No. 12782. (Beyond can be glimpsed an 8F 2-8-0 with the unusual combination of 'M' as well as the BR initial '4' added to its number). Photo: 20 June 1848 by Ben Brooksbank, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Recording Locomotive Sightings 1943 - 1968
A generation of enthusiasts recorded the movements of locomotives around the railway system. These records of visits to locomotive depots have been collected and carefully analysed to provide an overall portrait for the period 1943 to 1968. During that period of steam's final years, there was a marked change from the pre-grouping types that still found work at a few depots, to the modern BR designs that worked until the end in 1968. The handling of freight and passenger services was a major undertaking from town and cities, ports, coal mines and factories. All of it traversed the labyrinth of lines that criss-crossed the country. There were numerous 'sheds' spread throughout the length and breadth of the land that provided and serviced the vast army of steam locomotives (20,000 in 1948). Here is just a taste of that history.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Neath Court Sart 1938 - 1965

ex Rhymney Railway 0-6-2T No. 75, which was allocated to Neath Court Sart, is pictured there on 14th September 1946.  Photo: Ben Brooksbank Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0.
Neath Court Sart
Pre Grouping Ownership - Great Western Railway opened:1876prior to 1950NEA
type:A brick built double roundhouseclosed:Jun-651950 - June 196587A
location:On the west side of the line, south of the station.Google Map
Sunday 31 July 1938NEA1.10pm - 1.30pmtotal:48
BPGR 0-6-0ST1701 0-6-0PT57xx 0-6-0PT56xx 0-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T28xx 2-8-0
2192 Ashburnham906186737577737563166804259523128612877
"Buffalo" 0-6-0ST17151882377477425663426552372874
1641185457467769ex TV 'A' 0-6-2T4293523972xx 2-8-2T
48xx 0-4-2T27xx 0-6-0PT57757799373520352427217
58132700279657789734ex RR 'A' 0-6-2T52175250"Bulldog" 4-4-0
2301 0-6-027752797770197837543xx 2-6-03382
Sunday 9 April 1939NEAtotal:48
BPGR 0-6-0ST1701 0-6-0PT57xx 0-6-0PT56xx 0-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T28xx 2-8-0
2192 Ashburnham906185936117737565066804259521728022864
48xx 0-4-2T17151867370187155663668142655231ROD 2-8-0
58131798188237579734ex RR 'A' 0-6-2T429352543040
LMMR 0-6-0T18545703978575429772xx 2-8-2T
70427xx 0-6-0PT57469786ex TV 'A' 0-6-2TAberdare 2-6-072277243
2301 0-6-027002796"Bulldog" 4-4-0368374263772347247
Allocation January 1948 (33)BPGR 0-6-0STBPGR11701 0-6-0PTGWR4
27xx 0-6-0PTGWR257xx 0-6-0PTGWR12RR 'A' 0-6-2TRR1
56xx 0-6-2TGWR181xx 2-6-2TGWR1Bulldog 4-4-0GWR1
42xx 2-8-0TGWR10
Sunday 4 September 1949NEA3.40pm - 3.55pmtotal:32
BPGR 0-6-0ST57xx 0-6-0PT45xx 2-6-2T56xx 0-6-2T72xx 2-8-2T
named - Ashburnham3757NEA8782NEA81xx 2-6-2T6613NEA42xx 2-8-0T
2251 0-6-03774NEA9666NEA8104NEA6629DYD4283SED
2236CARM4621NEA9734NEA1701 0-6-0PT6688LLY4285CDF
27xx 0-6-0PT5703NEA9750NEA1715NEAex RR 'A' 0-6-2T
shed codesCARM CarmarthenCDF Cardiff CantonDYD Duffryn YardLLY Llanelly
NEA NeathSED Swansea East DockWTD Whitland
Sunday 9 July 195087Atotal:26
BPGR 0-6-0ST57xx 0-6-0PTex RR 'A' 0-6-2T56xx 0-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T
named - Ashburnham362187A773987A1701 0-6-0PT2251 0-6-0425287A
27xx 0-6-0PT374187A775787A185587A241187A427487A
272287A375787A778687A185887A43xx 2-6-0427987A
shed codes86C Cardiff Canton87A Neath Court Sart87B Duffryn Yard87H Neyland
Sunday 8 July 195187Atotal:41
57xx 0-6-0PTROD 2-8-0Hall 4-6-0
362187A774287A962787A301187G495286C Peplow Hall
375787A775787A975087A28xx 2-8-0Manor 4-6-0
376687A776987A978687A281186G782887A Odney Manor
377487A778687A979287Aex RR 'A' 0-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T
570387A779987A94xx 0-6-0PT7587A423287A428487A
572087A871587A943087A81xx 2-6-2T425287A521886A
574687A16xx 0-6-0PT943687A810487A425987A522587A
577887A161187H944287A72xx 2-8-2T427287A523987A
shed codes86A Newport Ebbw Jct.86C Cardiff Canton86G Pontypool Road87A Neath Court Sart
87G Carmarthen87H Neyland
Sunday 10 May 195387Atotal:42
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PTex RR 'A' 0-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T
374187A779987A944687A51xx 2-6-2T423287A524287A
376687A871587A944887A416987A424387AROD 2-8-0
770187A975087A947387A81xx 2-6-2T425287A301286G
773787A975687A947887A810487A427487AWD 2-8-0
773987A978387A16xx 0-6-0PT2251 0-6-0428187A9031587A
shed codes86C Cardiff Canton86G Pontypool Road87A Neath Court Sart87G Carmarthen87H Neyland
Sunday 26 September 195487A11.10am - 11.25amtotal:43
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT51xx 2-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T
376687A871587A943687A56xx 0-6-2T425287A526086A
574687A878487A944687A562887D427487A28xx 2-8-0
770187A971487H944887A2251 0-6-0428187A288886E
775787A975087A945187A228887H428887AROD 2-8-0
776787A978387A947387A16xx 0-6-0PT429387A301187G
778687Ashed codes86A Newport Ebbw Jct.86E Severn Tunnel Jct.86F Tondu87A Neath Court Sart
87B Duffryn Yard87E Swansea Landore87G Carmarthen87H Neyland
Sunday 24 July 195587Atotal:41
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT51xx 2-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T
362187A773787A962787A943087A2251 0-6-0427987A
375787A776787A975687A944887A56xx 0-6-2T428887A
574687A779987A16xx 0-6-0PT945287AROD 2-8-0523987A
shed codes85C Hereford86E Severn Tunnel Jct.87A Neath Court Sart87B Duffryn Yard87G Carmarthen
Sunday 22 July 195687Atotal:42
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT56xx 0-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T
362187A774387A944287Acl 3F 0-6-0T (J)424287A429387A
671587B978387A16xx 0-6-0PT
shed codes86F Tondu87A Neath Court Sart87B Duffryn Yard87D Swansea East Dock
87E Swansea Landore87K Swansea Victoria
Sunday 15 September 195787A12.05pm - 12.20pmtotal:42
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT51xx 2-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T
374187A873287A944287A81xx 2-6-2T424387A520786C
773987A974287B945287A0-6-0 diesels426487A522287A
775787A979287A16xx 0-6-0PT428887A524287A
shed codes86C Cardiff Canton86E Severn Tunnel Jct.87A Neath Court Sart87B Duffryn Yard
Sunday 29 June 195887Atotal:54
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT56xx 0-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T
773987A978687A947387A665087A427987A0-6-0 diesels
774287A979287A947887A72xx 2-8-2T428287AD3358D3435
774387A16xx 0-6-0PT51xx 2-6-2T721486J43xx 2-6-0D3361D3436
shed codes86C Cardiff Canton86E Severn Tunnel Jct.86G Pontypool Road86J Aberdare
87A Neath Court Sart87B Duffryn Yard87E Swansea Landore
Allocation May 1959 (63)16xx 0-6-0PTGWR157xx 0-6-0PTGWR35
94xx 0-6-0PTGWR756xx 0-6-2TGWR281xx 2-6-2TGWR1
51xx 2-6-2TGWR242xx 2-8-0TGWR15
Sunday 3 May 195987Atotal:48
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT56xx 0-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T72xx 2-8-2T
376687A871587A945287A665087A427587A0-6-0 diesels
377487A873287A947387A51xx 2-6-2T427987AD3360D3437
577887A960287J16xx 0-6-0PT510287A428887AD3435
770187A975087A164587A81xx 2-6-2T521187D
773987A978687A43xx 2-6-0524687A
shed codes86C Cardiff Canton86J Aberdare87A Neath Court Sart87D Swansea East Dock87E Swansea Landore
87F Llanelly87G Carmarthen87J Goodwick
Monday 18 April 196087Atotal:47
1101 0-4-0T57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT42xx 2-8-0T
110287C W361187A878287A841887A422986E429587A
110387C W572087A878887E943087A425587A522187B
110487C W576187A962787A944287B426487A523987A
110587C W577887A973487A944887A427987A56xx 0-6-2T
110687C W676387D975087A945287A428287A665087A
SHT 0-4-0ST HL773987A977787E947387A428487A666287D
114487D W775787A978387A81xx 2-6-2T428887A669187B
16xx 0-6-0PT873287A978687A810487A72xx 2-8-2T0-6-0 diesel
164587AW - withdrawn locos720886ED3430
shed codes86E Severn Tunnel Jct.87A Neath Court Sart87B Duffryn Yard87C Danygraig
87D Swansea East Dock87E Swansea Landore
Sunday 23 July 196187Atotal:62
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PTModified Hall 4-6-0Castle 4-6-0
368787A941287A696181A Stedham Hall409387A Dunster Castle
376687A944287BManor 4-6-0500487A Llanstephan Castle
376887A944687A780588A Broome Hall501387A Abergavenny Castle
377487A944887ABritannia 4-6-2502188A Whittington Castle
462187A945287A7002788A Rising Star503681A Lyonshall Castle
465387A947387A56xx 0-6-2T42xx 2-8-0T503787A Monmouth Castle
576187A947887A567087B428287A504187A Tiverton Castle
577387A16xx 0-6-0PT567387A428487A504887A Earl of Devon
577887A164587A664187A522187A505187A Earl Bathurst
873287AP&M 0-4-0ST Peckett664987A523386A507487A Hampden
874987F115287D669587A524287A507887A Beaufort
877587A81xx 2-6-2Tcl 8F 2-8-072xx 2-8-2THall 4-6-0
878487A810287A4846187F720487A492787A Farnborough Hall
878887A810487A28xx 2-8-0724787A598987A Cransley Hall
977987A0-6-0 diesels384886E724987B690587A Claughton Hall
979787AD3429D3758691887A Sandon Hall
Note: The steam allocation of Swansea Landore was split between Llanelly and Neath when that shed closed in June 1961.
shed codes81A Old Oak Common86E Severn Tunnel Jct.87A Neath Court Sart87B Duffryn Yard
87D Swansea East Dock87F Llanelly88A Cardiff Canton
Saturday 12 May 196287Atotal:57
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT42xx 2-8-0TCastle 4-6-0
365087A878887A941287A425587A409387A Dunster Castle
365287A962587A944287B428287A409987A Kilgerran Castle
368787A973487A944687A428487A501687F Montgomery Castle
373187A974387A945287A523987A505187A Earl Bathurst
374384F W975087A W947887A72xx 2-8-2T507487A Hampden
375787A975287D56xx 0-6-2T720487A701781A G. J. Churchward
377487A W978687A564188E722886EHall 4-6-0
379087A979287A567387A724787A597287A Olton Hall
468287A16xx 0-6-0PT664187A51xx 2-6-2T598987A Cransley Hall
576187A163387F664987A413487AGrange 4-6-0
577887A164587A665087D416987A684487A Penhydd Grange
778687A0-6-0 diesel669187B81xx 2-6-2TBR 9F 2-10-028xx 2-8-0
shed codes81A Old Oak Common84F Stourbridge86A Newport Ebbw Jct.86E Severn Tunnel Jct.87A Neath Court Sart
87B Duffryn Yard87D Swansea East Dock87F Llanelly88E Abercynon
Sunday 18 November 196287Atotal:67
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT42xx 2-8-0THall 4-6-0
360087A874787A841887A424186E496787A Shirenewton Hall W
361187A W879187A843987A W425587A596187A Toynbee Hall
362187A962787A W941287A427587A598187A Frensham Hall W
365087A971687A944287A428287A690587A Claughton Hall
368787A973487A944687A520487A WModified Hall 4-6-0
373187A974387A945287A522187A697587A Capesthorne Hall
374187A W977787A947387A523987A698585B Parwick Hall
376187F979287A51xx 2-6-2T28xx 2-8-0Castle 4-6-0
379087A16xx 0-6-0PT413487A380086A503787A Monmouth Castle
461287A164587A W416987A380186E505187A Earl Bathurst
462187A1666*87H > 89D56xx 0-6-2T385986E505487A Earl of Ducie
577387A W166987A566788C72xx 2-8-2T507887A Beaufort
873787A0-6-0 diesels661687G W720487A508587A Evesham Abbey
* in transitD3430D3436664187A W721487Acl 8F 2-8-0BR 9F 2-10-0
W - withdrawnD3434D3437664987A721587D4843084F9200586A
shed codes84F Stourbridge85B Gloucester Barnwood86A Newport Ebbw Jct.86E Severn Tunnel Jct.87A Neath Court Sart
87D Swansea East Dock87F Llanelly87G Carmarthen87H Neyland88C Barry89D Oswestry
Sunday 28 July 196387Atotal:56
57xx 0-6-0PT56xx 0-6-2T42xx 2-8-0THall 4-6-0
360087A962587A566788C428287A496687A Shakenhurst Hall
361187A W971687A661687G W429887F W496787A Shirenewton Hall W
365287A974387A664187A W520487A W596187A Toynbee Hall
368787A978687A51xx 2-6-2T520987A598187A Frensham Hall W
374187A W94xx 0-6-0PT413487A W521687AGrange 4-6-0
376187F843987A W416987A522088L681087A Blakemere Grange
376887A945287A28xx 2-8-0522187ACastle 4-6-0
379087A947387A281887A522287A701385A Bristol Castle
379887A16xx 0-6-0PT285787A W523987A Wcl 8F 2-8-00-6-0 diesels
461287A164587A W287286E43xx 2-6-04811084ED2116D3438
468287A166987A287487A W731887A4870687FD2184D3745
577387A W732087ABR 9F 2-10-0D3403D4027
shed codes84E Tyesley85A Worcester86A Newport Ebbw Jct.86E Severn Tunnel Jct.87A Neath Court Sart
87F Llanelly87G Carmarthen88C Barry88L Cardiff East Dock
Saturday 2 May 196487Atotal:62
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT42xx 2-8-0THall 4-6-0
361387A W469387A W848087A425287A W69332A Birtles Hall
361687A469587A944287A429287A694785B Helmingham Hall
364287A874787A W946487A520688AModified Hall 4-6-0
364787A960987A947587A523087F699585B Baggrave Hall
368787A961587A74xx 0-6-0PT523486A W699782B Bryn-Ivor Hall
369287A W961787A744487F524187AGrange 4-6-0
375787A W963487A W28xx 2-8-0524587A686787A Peterston Grange
376187A W963787A289087A526487A51xx 2-6-2TBR 9F 2-10-0
376887A W965687A382387A72xx 2-8-2T410887A9221687A
379887A976687A383287A W724387A411087A9222287A
461287A977787A W386487A724487A61xx 2-6-2T0-6-0 diesels
465387A16xx 0-6-0PT386687A724887F611388BD3824D6853
466087A166987A43xx 2-6-0725287ABR 4MT 2-6-4TD6837
shed codes2A Tyesley85A Worcester85B Gloucester Barnwood86A Newport Ebbw Jct.87A Neath Court Sart
87F Llanelly88A Cardiff East Dock88B Cardiff Radyr
Sunday 6 September 196487Adiesels not recordedtotal:58
57xx 0-6-0PT94xx 0-6-0PT42xx 2-8-0THall 4-6-0
360387A W961787A843187A W425486E498587A Allesley Hall W
361687A962587A844688C W428487A W597686G Ashwicke Hall W
364287A963787A W848087A W428687A W690587A Claughton Hall W
368787A965687A944287A W521387A693688A Breccles Hall W
379787A966087A944687A525487A W694785B Helmingham Hall
461287A967587A946487A526487A WModified Hall 4-6-0
465387A967887A947387A W28xx 2-8-0790983C Heveningham Hall
466087A W971687A947587A381687ACastle 4-6-0
466987A973487A W51xx 2-6-2T382387A408285B Windsor Castle
469587A W974287A W411087A386087A72xx 2-8-2TBR 9F 2-10-0
871487D976687A W416086E386487A724387A W9222088A
960987Acl 0F 0-4-0ST (A)61xx 2-6-2Tcl 8F 2-8-09223586B
961587A5121887A614987A W4873287F9224286B
shed codes83C Westbury85B Gloucester Barnwood86B Newport Ebbw Jct.86E Severn Tunnel Jct.86G Pontypool Road
87A Neath Court Sart87D Swansea East Dock87F Llanelly88A Cardiff East Dock88C Barry
Wednesday 9 June 1965steam only recordedtotal:58
57xx 0-6-0PT56xx 0-6-2Tcl 8F 2-8-0BR 9F 2-10-0
364787A466987A662887A W487622C922232A
368787A971687Ashed codes2A Tyesley2C Stourbridge Jct.87A Neath Court Sart
Note: Destination of withdrawn locos:
Birds - Morriston360338324284428646604695525461496628
Hayes/Birds - Bridgend164536113741425249675204523457735981
Birds, Bynea36133692375737613768874796349777
Cashmores - Newport4985597669479627
Swindon Works4134429846935264
Steel Supply, Briton Ferry9766
Steel Supply, Jersey Marine9734
T. Jenkins Ltd, Port Talbot9742
Neath Court Sart closed in June 1965.